Looking for my friend.

Looking for my friend.

I have a friend from Germany, his name is Hamid, his nick name is ApHamid56Ace. I’ve known him since 2004 from Arlong Park Forum (a One Piece forum in wired world). We talked each other about a cool and useful things via forum and private message. Unfortunately, I’ve lost contact with him, it because the forum was maintaining the site for a quite long time. Too bad I didn’t have a time to ask his e-mail, neither did he.

When the forum was online again, I posted in a thread for searching him. Until now, I haven’t got an information about him. I hope I can find him again.

I also have something to ask for Colors of Johohoho’s readers. If you know Hamid AKA ApHamid56Ace from Arlong Park Forum, please inform me via e-mail. I’m expecting an information about him. Thanks.
Yusuf KS (nakama ga soba ni iru).

p.s. I hope Hamid can see this post too.


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