About Yusuf KS

Real Name : ******* Yusuf *******
Pen Name : Yusuf KS.
E-mail : myks_yks(AT)yahoo[DOT]com
Occupation :
  • Web Developer
  • Freelancer (Freelance writer, freelance IT support, etc)
  • Enterpriser
Company :
  • Kakikaku.
  • –secret–
  • –secret–.
Location : Jadebotabek – Indonesia.
Hobbies : Reading, writing, playing computer, surfing in wired world (Internet), special hunting and observing.
Most Valuable things : My books, my jackets, my motorcycle, my helmet, my computer, my discs, my family, my true friends, and my believe.
Location : Jadebotabek – Indonesia
About Me : I’m an ordinary person who want to inform something cool and useful information to everyone in the world. I’m not so famous and I hate if I’m so famous [like celebrities, actors, etc]. I’m accepting and trying to understand my self. I don’t want to tell about my personality –maybe i’ll tell only a little thing–, the reason is….. i don’t know…. [maybe] i don’t like to talk about my self. If you wanna know my personality, be my friends, talk to me, chat with me, and u’ll know about my self 90%,80%,75%,50%,25%, 10% or nothing. It depends on how close u’re with me.
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