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Linux XP 2006 ISO Download

Some years ago, some of visitors of this blog sent me a request that they want to get Linux XP 2006 Professional Edition, most of them are from Russia and its neighbors. The most remember one is Bojan Milojković, from Serbia. Because at the time the upload speed in my place was very slow, uploading ISO  was not the solution, so I was willing to send Linux XP 2006 disc directly via mail to his home in Serbia. I went to post office with my packet, but the post officer said that Serbia is one of some countries in Europe which Indonesia Post Office can not deliver mail/packet. I told him this news, he felt sad, but we agreed to think another solution.

In mid of 2017, Bojan sent me an email again. He said that if I still have Linux XP 2006, he asked me a request to upload it somewhere. I didn’t reply his email, but I tried to upload it somewhere, but it always failed. The upload speed connectivity was still unstable and slow.

Time goes by, we upgrade our internet connection to 10Mbps in 2018. And then this December, I remembered about Bojan, so I tried to upload Linux XP 2006 Professional Edition yesterday night, and it succeed!

So here it is, the link download of Linux XP 2006 Professional Edition, for everyone who wanna try or collect the vintage Linux distro, and especially for Bojan.

Linux XP 2006 via Google Drive

Happy Download!

Yusuf KS.

p.s. I’m going to email Bojan after posting this blog :).

Wolvix 1.1

Reviewed by Yusuf KS

What is Wolvix? A new genre of a wolf? Nah! Wolvix is one of Linux distro that based on Slackware. Linux live distribution is so famous today, Wolvix is one of it. Wolvix has two type live distributions, Live UFD (Universal Flash Drive) and Live CD. Of course Wolvix can be installed on your PC, so if you like Wolvix you can easily install it.

Wolvix Cube is a Live UFD. You can run Wolvix just with UFD 256MB, cool of course. Wolvix Cube has minor features and minor softwares, it’s not a good choice if you want your system has a lot of features and softwares.

Wolvix Hunter is a Live CD. Even thought the file size less than 500MB, but Wolvix Hunter has a lot of features and softwares. One of good features on Wolvix is Wolvix has dosbox installed by default, very cool!!
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Dreamlinux Multimedia Edition 2.2

Dreamlinux Multimedia Edition 2.2 is a one of distro linux that focus on multimedia. Dreamlinux comes from Brazil, it can be used as a linux live CD or dekstop (by install it on hard disk drive).

Dreamlinux uses Xfce 4 as it Dekstop Environment. The desktop looks like Apple’s Macintosh, it’s so cool…!!!!!

Because Dreamlinux is a special distro linux that focus on multimedia (see the name : Dreamlinux multimedia edition), so the default softwace pakcage is mostly for multimedia task, graphics, videos, and sounds / musics.

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Arabian Linux 0.7 Alpha

Who says there’s no Arabic Linux distro? Here’s the proof, one of arabic Linux distros in the world, named Arabian Linux has showed out.

ArabianLinux 0.7 Alpha is a billingual distro linux, English and Arabic, so user can choose Arabic or English for the system. ArabianLinux can be used as a linux live CD or dekstop (by install it on hard disk drive). The booting time as a live CD is about 1 minute 30 seconds (on my PC).

ArabianLinux uses KDE as its Dekstop Environment. Consequently, the KDE software pakcage will be installed by default. Here are the softwares on ArabianLinux 0.7 :
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Linux XP 2006 Professional Edition

Linux XP 2006 Professional Edition (Review)

Reviewed by Yusuf KS

Linux XP is one of Linux distro that based on Fedora / Red Hat. Linux XP appearance looks like Windows. The start menu looks like Windows XP, but the navigation looks like Windows 98. Linux XP origin come from Russian, so don’t be shocked if some softwares in Linux XP is equipped with Russian language.

Linux XP can runs some Windows softwares, it’s possible because Linux XP has Wine (and ready to run) by default. Winamp, MS Office, MS Paint, are an Windows-based software that can runs on Linux XP.

By default, Linux XP will install some softwares on hard disk drive. In my opinion, the softwares aren’t complete. There’s no Office softwares such as OpenOffice; no GwenView, no Scribus, no Ink, no Games!! Here are the software default installed list on Linux XP :
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Kuliax 6.0 (Linux Review)

Kuliax is an Indonesian linux disto that focuses to education (especially IT). I installed Kuliax 6 when I got a free time. My good view about Kuliax : Kuliax has a lot softwares by default. It’ll very useful for education usage, especially in IT subject. Here are the softwares on Kuliax 6.0 :

Development :
Assistant Document Manager
C/C++ IDE for C/C++
Multilanguage IDE
Ruby IDE
Scripting IDE
GNU Small Talk
Guile 1.6
Python (v 2.4)
SWI Prolog
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