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Saving a YouTube Video on Linux, Windows, etc

YouTube is one of popular websites on Internet. Just visit, then you can watch so many videos. Sometimes we watch a video that we like it, and then we want to save/download the video. Possible? Absolutely!

How to save a YouTube video?

First way : You can install/run a software that can save/download a YouTube video.

This way has a weakness : Most the softwares are for Windows (example : Xget, TubeGrab, etc). If your operating system is not Windows, you will find it difficulty.

The best way : Visit, it’s very easy!!

1. Copy YouTube videos’ URL

2. Paste it on

3. Click/Download a new link that will appeared after you paste the YouTube videos’ URL.

Very easy! No need to Install a software. Whatever your operating sytem– Linux/Windows/Mac/etc– , as long as you have a web browser and Internet connection, you can easily save a YouTube a video with

Yusuf KS